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My conversation with Jessie Auritt, the person behind the new documentary, SUPERGIRL Audio & Video Celebrity News Events

Before the Hamptons International Film Festival was over, I got an opportunity to chat with Jessie Auritt, who was able to self-fund her debut documentary film, SUPERGIRL at this year’s festival. Our Behind the Scenes conversation is brought to you by Future Stars, the only indoor tennis and only indoor turf facility in the Hamptons!

My conversation with Joshua Leman and Rachel Mills of KILLING SEASON – headed to A&E in November! Audio & Video Celebrity News Events

Continuing with our Behind the Scenes look back at the Hamptons International Film Festival, here’s my chat with Joshua Leman and Rachel Mills, filmmakers behind the new series centered on the Gilgo Beach killer, KILLING SEASON. Make sure to watch for it when it hits A&E early this November. Our Behind the Scenes look is […]

My chat with Jake Honig and David Rysdahl of BLACK SWELL Audio & Video Celebrity News Events

The Hamptons International Film Festival was a ton of fun this past weekend! Before it was over, I got a chance to chat with a few of the people behind the magic there. Here’s my conversation with Jake Honig and David Rysdahl, director and writer of BLACK SWELL, brought to you by Future Stars, the […]

Behind The Scenes- Hamptons International Film Festival! Audio & Video Celebrity News News

Behind The Scenes is brought to you by Future Stars the best indoor tennis and the only indoor turf facility in the Hamptons! Visit Future Stars here for more information! Jem and Ray are taking you Behind the Scene with some of the Directors, and Actors at the Hamptons International Film Festival: First, we sat down […]

Zac Efron’s New Movie Trailer Audio & Video Celebrity News

I don’t know about you, but I CAN NOT wait to see the new Zac Efron Movie “We Are your Friends” Check out the trailer below:

Nicki Minaj And Taylor Swift Squash The Feud Audio & Video Celebrity News

It takes a pretty big person to admit when they are wrong, and Taylor Swift did that, by apologizing to Nicki Minaj. There was a public twitter apology, followed by a person phone call between the two ladies. So the feud is now over! Read more about it here

One Direction’s “New Addition” Audio & Video Celebrity News

No, the boy band will not be adding a new member, BUT Louis Tomlinson is expecting a new addition to his family! The 23 year old One D member is going to be a father! Him and LA based stylist Briana Jungwirth are expecting sometime early next year! Congrats to the two of them!

Strangest Traffic Jam Ever Audio & Video Celebrity News

Here on Long Island, we are no strangers to sitting in bumper to bumper traffic. Usually the reasons are grim, such as Motor Vehicle Accidents. In our neighboring state Connecticut this morning, there was a strange sight to be seen that was causing traffic on the I-95… a naked man, sitting atop his car. Check out […]

First Trailer For American Horror Story:Hotel Audio & Video Celebrity News

Thank you San Diego Comic Con for all of the trailers that have been released, including this one! Check out the AHS:Hotel trailer below:

Paul Rudd And Jimmy Fallon Play “Drinko” Audio & Video Celebrity News

Jimmy Fallon is back on the tonight show after his horrific injury! For his triumpant return, he played a brand new game with Paul Rudd! Check out “Drinko” below