Dad pranks kid in shower!!! Uncategorized

If you’re gonna rock out to Katy Perry in the shower make sure you lock the door!!!

Milwaukee Bar is Now Serving “Epic Bloody Mary” Uncategorized

There’s a bar in Milwaukee that is now serving Bloody Marys topped off with an entire fried chicken!  This is definitely worth the $40 bucks!  Anyone down for a road trip?!

Robin Williams Dies at Age 63!!! Uncategorized

Robin Williams was just pronounced dead around 12 p.m. today of an apparent suicide in his California home.  So sad he has always been one of my favorite actors!  “It’s not your fault will” still brings chills when I see that scene in “Good Will Hunting”.  To check out the whole story click here

New Trailer for the “Unauthorized Saved By The Bell Story” Uncategorized

Mark your calenders for September 1st at 7 pm because that’s when Lifetime debuts it’s tell all behind the scenes Saved By The Bell story!  The trailer just came out and apparently the entire cast hated each other?!  All I know is that there can only be one Kelly Kapowski!

Watch the trailer here:

New Trailer for Sons Of Anarchy Season 7!!! Uncategorized

Next to 24 I would have to say that this is my favorite show…Can’t wait for the premier Tuesday September 9th at 9!!!!  Check out the trailer now…


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