Meghan Trainor Covers “Shake It Off” Uncategorized

This is everything. Meghan Trainor’s cover of Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” is awesome, check it out here!

Tinder Pick Up Lines That Surprisingly Worked Uncategorized

Tinder is an app where you are presented with pictures of suitors and you can either swipe right for yes or left for no. Totally based on appearance, really setting the bar high in terms of potential relationships. Anyway, the app is notorious for trashy and hilarious pickup lines and this post showcases some of the best ones out there. I’ll admit that I’m on tinder, but I’m not like…on-on Tinder, you know? So I’ve received a few of these creepy lines and let me tell you….laughs for days. Check out the article here.


Gatorade’s Farewell to The Captain Uncategorized

As all Yankee fans know, this is Derek Jeter’s last season in the MLB and it is one of the most depressing things to happen in the history of baseball (and to women who know nothing about baseball but love Derek Jeter). The captain has many endorsements, among them Gatorade, who payed homage to New York, Frank Sinatra, and Jeter himself in their farewell advertisement. View it here to be brought to tears with the rest of the Bronx.

RiFF RAFF Has Beef with…Sam Smith…? Celebrity News News

This just doesn’t seem like it would A. Ever happen or B. Make any sense, but here we are talking about it.

RiFF RAFF is pissed because Sam Smith gave him the social media slight and cropped him out of a picture of Sam, Katy Perry, and Charli XCX at the VMA’s. I can’t say that I wouldn’t have done the same thing if I was Sam, so I don’t feel bad for RiFF RAFF, seeing as he has grills and refuses to not type in Caps Lock, aside from the letter “i”. RiFF RAFF tweeted  some nasty things at Sam, and I cannot type them out here, or say them on the air, so check it out here!

Cheating Girlfriend is Publicly Humiliated On Air Audio & Video News

And she totally deserved it.

A fan of Majic 105.7 called in a had a request that had nothing to do with  the song he wanted to listen to–he wanted the jocks to call his cheater of a girlfriend  and set her up. The DJ’s tricked her into believing that she was about to get proposed to by asking her what her dream proposal scenario would be. After drawing this out, they had the boyfriend come on the line, tell her all the reasons he loved her and justttt when it seems like hes about to pop the question, things take an interesting turn. Check it out here.

Mind you, this is all LIVE on-air, and the girl did NOT hang up the phone. I don’t know whether to feel bad for her or if that really is just karma at it’s finest.