American Horror Story–All Made-Up! News

If you’ve ever wondered how the hell they get two heads on Sarah Paulson, or lobster claws on Evan Peters *swoon*, then this article will clear it all up for you!

Plus, Evan Peters. That is all. Check it out here!

Jessica Vanessa–From Pre-K Teacher to Professional Twerker Uncategorized

Jessica Vanessa took a chance and gave up her teaching career to pursue her dreams of becoming a twerking internet sensation, and instead of that being a horrendous idea–it worked better than anyone could have possibly expected.

She up and quit her job, and is now making more in 6 Vine seconds than she was making in four MONTHS as a teacher. I don’t know much about the art of twerking myself, but this girl can seriously break it down. Check out her interview and her twerking videos here.

Ariana Grande and Big Sean Are Official! Celebrity News

Like if these two have Facebook, its Facebook Official. Its that legit.

While I’m pretty bitter that Big Sean didn’t come find me immediately after his break up with Naya Rivera, and has once again delayed our impending love, I really do think that he and Ariana Grande make an adorable couple. He even bought her a lion pendant to match his because she liked it so much, which is sweet. The two have been rumored to be dating since early August, and the first picture of them kissing publicly in LA was taken this week. Check out more on the new lovebirds here!

Bruce Jenner–Hair Through the Ages Uncategorized

Somewhere in my crazy brain a connection was made during American Horror Story–Bruce Jenner is not only looking more and more like a woman each day, but he is specifically starting to look like Jessica Lange from AHS.

Talk about “Freak Show”…

Anyway, as all of us love making fun of anything Kardashian/Jenner related here at The Beach, here is an article/slideshow of the progression of Bruce Jenner and his hair.

You’re SO welcome!

Meghan Trainor Covers “Shake It Off” Uncategorized

This is everything. Meghan Trainor’s cover of Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” is awesome, check it out here!