Kevin Jonas Made a Kim K Christmas Ornament Audio & Video Celebrity News News

And it is exactly what you would expect. Pretty much just a huge butt on a cutout of her Paper magazine spread. SO funny, check it out here!

Selena Gomez’s AMA Diary–SUPER Emotional! Audio & Video Celebrity News News

Selena was extremely emotional during her AMA performance of her new single “Heart Wants What It Wants.” Check out her diary of her AMA experience here to see just how meaningful this performance was to her. Justin….you messed up man.

Watch Out Barbie! Lammily Dolls are Here! News

A doll that has appropriate body measurements has been created, changing the game for the idealistic, Barbie-esque standards young girls hold body image to from a very young age. Lammily has the same body proportions as an average nineteen year old girl. When shown to a class of second graders, the reaction was phenomenal. Check it out here!

Orphan Turned Down Kim K’s Adoption Offer Celebrity News News

An orphan in Thailand named Pink had better judgement than to subject herself to a life as a Kardashian. Kim K and the young girl bonded on Kim’s trip to Thailand, and after careful consideration of Kim’s offer to be her new mom, Pink declined, although not because of all of the Kardashian ridiculousness, which is what I would assume. Check out the whole article here!

Next Level Pole Dancing–NOT What You Think! Audio & Video

PLOT TWIST: this is not about a stripper or a bachelor party or several other topics that go against FCC Radio Regulations. This French performer, Karo Swen, takes pole ┬ádancing to the next level–her flexibility is off the charts and she is amazing and if all pole dancing was like this, that would be a game changer for me and strip clubs. Check out the video here!