Your First Glimpse Of Taylor Swift On The Voice – ALL NEXT WEEK Audio & Video Celebrity News

Check out this amazing compilation of Taylor Swift’s time on The Voice, starting Monday!

Find out how TSwift reacts when Blake asks her “How come when you refer to crazy girls you never throw yourself into that category?” 

Why Did Stephen Colbert Threaten To Sue Google? Audio & Video Celebrity News


Stephen Colbert began his broadcast with this rant:

“You see, folks, when I Googled myself this afternoon, as I do every day at three sharp—I have a full, fibrous lunch, then, straight into the bathroom, Google myself till I come out—well, folks, I was horrified to learn that the Google celebrity profile of me lists my height as 5’10″,” Colbert said. HE IS 5’11″ and he doesnt want you to forget that!!

So Colbert threatened to sue google if they did not change this error. During his mock rant, Colbert also compared himself to Brad Pitt and Russell Crowe, height-wise. He also threw some shade at Matt Damon and Johnny Depp, who Google lists as shorter than he, comparing them to Wizard of Oz munchkins, as well as at notably tall talk show host Conan O’Brien, dubbing him a “circus freak.”

Check out the complete video here!

Sting Sings Cellphone Ringtones, Records “Message on a Voicemail” Greeting Audio & Video Celebrity News

Ever wanted a famous person to record your voicemail message? I haven’t either, but it sure would be cool. Check out this video of Sting recording somebody’s voicemail message to the tune of “Message In A Bottle”.

Amanda Bynes Has Lost Her Mind, And Her Sanity Audio & Video Celebrity News

There really isnt much to say here except Amanda Bynes has lost her mind! She was caught shoplifting TWICE IN THE SAME DAY! Check out this great video of her dancing in a store in NYC before stealing everything.

Katy Perry Will Perform At Halftime of The Superbowl! Audio & Video Celebrity News

Katy Perry will perform at this year’s Super Bowl halftime show, sources confirmed to Billboard.
A performance by the pop star has been rumored since August after the NFL reportedly asked her, as well as Coldplay and Rihanna, to do the halftime show.

Here is her performance from this years BRIT awards