immy Fallon Blew His Chance to Date Nicole Kidman Audio & Video Celebrity News

That’s right! Jimmy didn’t even know it was a date when it happened either!! HOW EMBARRASSING!! Check out the video here:

Woman Hilariously Pranks Brother With Same Exact Joke All Year Audio & Video News

Everybody loves a good prank. Everybody loves taking selfies. When you put the two together, this is what happens, you get a compilation of a great selfie prank.

Daniel Radcliffe vs. News Reporter Rapping “Alphabet Aerobics”…Who Is Better? Audio & Video Celebrity News

So the epic battle of “Alphabet Aerobics” rapping is on!!! It’s Daniel Radcliffe versus a News Reporter. Tell us who you think is a better rapper on twitter @beachradio using the #rapbattle

Daniel Radcliffe:

News Reporter:

Girl Absolutely Loses It When She Gets One Direction Tickets…Watch Now Audio & Video Celebrity News

What happens when you surprise somebody with tickets to see One Direction? Apparently this…

Stacy’s Mom Covered As A Jazz Song – A MUST See! Audio & Video Celebrity News

Check out this great cover of Fountains of Wayne’s hit song “Stacy’s Mom” by Postmodern Jukebox.

And just for nostalgic purposes, here is the original music video as well